Brooke's Senior Photos

Happy Tuesday! This past weekend I took my first set of senior photos! I was excited, not only for the amazing experience, but because I've known Brooke since she was born! She's an amazing kid! She plays so many sports, and has such a great heart! We worked together to create some images that represented her, personally, and I think we can say "mission accomplished" after our final review of them. Take a look below! 

Brooke 7.jpg
Brooke 52.jpg
Brooke 9.jpg
Brooke 51.jpg
Brooke 11.jpg
Brooke 20.jpg
Brooke 26.jpg
Brooke 28.jpg
Brooke 34.jpg
Brooke 38.jpg
Brooke 44.jpg
Brooke 48BW.jpg
Brooke 50.jpg
Brooke 47.jpg
Brooke Jersey-2.jpg
Jessica Scalf