Your Lifestyle Session 


The photos you want to have

Lifestyle photos are meant to show your interaction, so let's do something fun. Some ideas for amazing photos with your children could be something as simple as a board game or card game, reading a book together, or just playing one of their favorite games. These activities can aid in keeping everyone relaxed, less focused on the photographer, and give genuine interaction for beautiful images. 

We're going to prompt you during your session, so don't be surprised if you hear us sneak in a "don't look at the camera!" or "make him/her laugh!" while we're there.  

Preparing you Family

We won't bring anything for your kids (without approval ahead of time), and we won't do anything you're uncomfortable with.

We will play with your kids. You can let them know ahead of time that we're coming over to play! We love catching kid doing what they love. This keeps them comfortable with us, and makes them feel more secure with someone who is there to take their photos.  

We're going to get photos of everyone, and individual photos. Our goal is to get everyone together, and separate. We may ask for photos of just kids and Mom or Dad, just photos of Mom and Dad, etc..


With children and newborns, we will ALWAYS  make sure everyone is comfortable and safe during your session. 

We do not do studio-poses for newborns. We won't put your newborn in a bucket or prop, in an uncomfortable pose, or do anything to endanger the child. You will be present during each pose and should not do anything out of the ordinary to prepare your newborn. We DO NOT RECOMMEND over-feeding, so your newborn sleeps through his/her newborn photos, and we do not recommend making him/her warm by bundling so they sleep. We work around baby's schedule to ensure safety and comfort of everyone. 



You shouldn't feel stressed or anxious about your session, we're here to deliver images that feel relaxed, and look as such. If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us before your session date to chat.